The Academy

Sanad Academy is the United Arab Emirate’s first RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) training and certification specialists endorsed by the Dubai Civil Aviation authority.

Sanad Academy is responsible to Train, test and certify drone operators and drones in UAE with DCAA Endorsement.

At Sanad Academy, our focus is to Educate, Train Safe and Responsible Drone Operators and Test and Certify Skilled Drone operators with testing criteria specially designed to fairly test drone operator’s knowledge about drones, and Operator’s Drone operating and flight skills. We also thoroughly test client’s drone to ensure they full comply with DCAA standards for safe operations into civil airspace here in UAE.

Sanad Academy’s Drone Operating Training courses are focused towards training responsible, skilled and safe Drone operators with thorough knowledge of their drone operation, air law, rules and regulations in UAE.

Candidates must ensure that they register for the correct category that corresponds to their aircraft system and use. Sanad officials will only provide an airworthiness certification after ensuring that the certification category matches the RPAS to be certified.