Commercial Certification

The Sanad RPAS Commercial (CRPAS) certification is designed for commercial RPAS operators piloting aircrafts with a MTOM os 15kg. Candidates will be provided with a theory hand book prior to the assessments. It is advised that candidates spend at least 1 week  studying the course material.


Passing Score

15 KG


AED 4,700

Certification Fee

Safety Protocol Seminar

The first module of the Sanad Commercial operator certification (CRPAS) includes a mandatory seminar to be attended by all operational personnel involved directly with piloting the aircrafts. This session will cover common safety protocols which professional entities must follow, along with an introduction to creating the company operational manual.


This module includes an online multiple choice theory assessment, based on the theory handbook provided to candidates at the time of registration as well as the safety protocol seminar.  The assessment shall include 30 questions focused around aircraft knowledge, operational safety, and civil aviation rules/regulations.


After successfully passing the theory examination, candidates must prove their practical skills on Sanad simulators. This is a preliminary test which shall ensure that the candidate is ready for the final flight test on the field.

Flight Test

During the flight test,  candidates will be tested on advanced flight handling techniques and must also demonstrate safety awareness along with sufficient knowledge of rules and regulations.

Airworthiness Certificate

After successfully passing all the modules of the CRPAS certification, RPAS pilots must obtain an airworthiness certificate for each aircraft that they intend to pilot.

Flying Hours

Candidates must perform 10 flying hours at the facility after passing all assessments. In the case of experienced pilots who already have already completed the required flying hours, flight logs can be presented for verification.

Operational Manual Accreditation

This is the final step for commercial entities. After obtaining RPAS pilot certifications and system airworthiness certificates, the entity must prepare a company operational manual. The format and rules to be followed while preparing this document are covered during the first seminar in the beginning. In addition to this, Sanad shall also provide a standard template to be followed by entities. This document shall be renewed annually to ensure that the listed procedures have been abided by.

Candidates must ensure that they register for the correct category that corresponds to their aircraft system and use. Sanad officials will only provide an airworthiness certification after ensuring that the certification category matches the RPAS to be certified.